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Meet Amanda

She was lucky to come to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) quite early in her adult life, in the form of shiatsu.  Having grown up in the countryside, she always felt drawn to nature, and noticed how everything in life needs balance in order to be harmonious.  What she didn’t realise until she started to study shiatsu is that her observations reflect Taoist principles; a way of living that flows and resonates in true nature and this is the core philosophy behind TCM. 

Whatever life teaches her, she tries her best to listen and include that quality in her work, so she strives to bring intuitive support and care to her treatments.  Over the years she has built her ‘hands-on’ skills to include shiatsu, both Swedish and sports massage, and acupuncture.  All of which she now combines to give you a very personalised treatment, which best suits your need. 

Her interest in fertility and pregnancy comes from having been on that journey herself, going through tests, procedures and ultimately IVF, so she knows the emotional roller coaster of subfertility.   Which is why she helps many women and couples to achieve their desire to become parents.

In her free time, she loves being with family and friends, travel, snowboarding, and still being in nature.

For more information about the therapies Amanda offers or to book a session, visit her website:, email her directly at, or call her on: 07927 042200

Amanda’s clinic hours at Balance Natural Health are: Thursdays 11.30am-8pm and Fridays 9am-6pm

You’re in safe hands.  She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and receives regular supervision and she attends training to keep her skills fresh.

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